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In the face of highly competitive sports market, Puma, which has no advantage in the field of professional running shoes, chose sports and leisure style / retro street style at the appropriate time.hogan uomo, As a result, we saw that in December 2014, Rihanna started as Puma’s creative director and Puma Suede Creeper, Puma’s first assignment, was sold out within three hours of release. In fact, since 2015, golden goose uomo,The Creeper has been selling Rihanna has led the previous seven quarter-loss Puma achieved 11% sales growth in footwear, and 360 million pounds of revenue. Driven by the Fenty by Puma series, Puma posted double-digit growth for the sixth consecutive quarter through the quarter. Rihanna, who worked as a cross-border designer, used to be a frequent fashion and fashion week in the past. During last year’s New York Fashion Week, Rihanna successfully beat Kanye West to become the most talked-about designer on New York Fashion Week. Rihanna in the personal style is based on the streets of the sport, vintage college, court gorgeous and pink girl rebellion into his work, and Puma as a sports brand can be considered hanging on the road running in the fashion brand. At present, the three-year cooperation agreement between Puma and Rihanna is drawing to a close. It is still unknown whether the two parties will renew their contract or not. However, Selena Gomez, the 90-nation singer of the United States, seems to be taking over. Not only has she taken a new product ad for Puma, she has signed a long-term contract with Puma to act as the latest image ambassador for the Puma brand and will work with the brand to design new products. The Weeknd, singer boyfriend, is also one of Puma’s brand ambassadors. Puma and The Weeknd designed the first sneaker was officially on sale in August, the future will also introduce clothing line. Puma fiery addition to benefit from the growing sports and leisure market, there are brand celebrity endorsement strategy. Puma at a recent event announced Guruli Na for Greater China brand new spokesperson. Last year, Puma found popular widow Lu Han as the spokesman for a large number of young fans sought after. Then in early 2017, Puma respectively invited Yang Yang, Liu Hao Ran, Lee modern men’s series, Liu Wen, Zhang Yu Qi endorsement women’s series.